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Japanense chefs believe their soul goes into the knives once they start using them, and food is an expression of art and craftsmanship. They also believe in the Power of 'Mikado', meaning emperor, who was inspired by the Gods to ensure the happiness and prosperity of his people.

At Mikado Café & Bakery, we take this to heart and have engineered a menu that appeals both to the soul as well as the belly. With a wide array of delicacies that span the traditional to the more modern interpretations of dishes, we make sure each meal is a feast fit for an emperor.

One of our proudest achievements is our bakery that fuses the refinement of the French and the precision of the Japanese. No detail is too small, no stone unturned; we strive for perfection each time.

Welcome to our world, or as they say in Japan, Yókoso.


Mikado Café & Bakery brings to your table an array of authentic Japanese dishes infused with modern western touches. The chic interiors and warm surroundings enhance the atmosphere and make a perfect setting for a special occasion, business lunch or simply a reason to come enjoy splendid Japanese delicacies.

Our rich main dishes, delightful baked goods, and wide variety of desserts are complemented by the finest assortments of traditional Japanese teas, in addition to a stylish sushi bar for a unique, truly authentic experience.


We at Mikado Café and Bakery proudly offer you an exotic simulating experience starting from our rich menus. Our freshly and seasonal ingredients are our virtue. Every dish requires unique preparation; but yet remains in essence simple. The simplicity brings out the subtle flavor and changes the way you define food.

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Mikado Café
Al Khalidiya-W10-Abu Dhabi-UAE
02 6677557

Mikado Bakery
Boxpark-Al Wasl Road-Al Safa-Dubai-UAE
04 2976781

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